Organic Olive Oil .750ml. – 25.5 fl. oz. Single Bottle

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Single Bottle   .750ml./25.5 fl. oz.

Olio Beato DeMarco 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Harvest year 2022-2023

  • First Cold Pressed Unfiltered
  • Kosher

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7 reviews for Organic Olive Oil .750ml. – 25.5 fl. oz. Single Bottle

  1. Carolyn Mancini

    The first time I tried this product was at the 2010 Saratoga Wine & Food Festival. I thought it was an excellent product from the very first taste(I bought a gallon of it at the Festival). It has a wonderful full body flavor which can’t be found in any olive oil I would buy in a grocery store. Since then, I’ve made additional purchases so my family and friends could enjoy your olive oil. I would highly recommend your Organic Olive Oil!!

  2. John Jones

    This is far and away the very best Olive Oil I’ve ever tasted. It’s great for cooking and simply superior on salad. I first became aware of it when I visited a farmer’s market where there was a reason to believe that products would be of higher quality and more beneficial for health and the would accent the joy of eating. They stopped carrying it. I inquired why and learned they did for reasons having nothing to do w/the product.

    I sought out an alternative source by going online and ended conversing w/one of the brothers who owns the distributorship. He was unbelievable considerate, understanding and when the occasion called, gracious. I’m a customer for life.

    This product is the truly the best by all measures. Every time the opportunity presents, I gladly sing the praises of this olive oil.

  3. Lana Hebert (verified owner)

    Excellent product, certainly would recommend it to anyone looking for an olive oil. the taste and quality far surpass any others I’ve tried. the quality here is astounding! Very consistent good brand!

  4. Erik Warren

    I love this olive oil so much that when my local store stopped carrying it I called the distributor directly and asked them to reach out to the store owner since the manager made this decision. The owner uses it now and is hooked. Customer service with this company is fantastic!

  5. Mary Connair

    This olive oil is excellent. I have given it as a gift to people who enjoy food and they love it. It is always fresh tasting and delicious in a salad.

  6. Mary Connair

    Fresh and delicious olive oil. Everyone I know who loves food looks forward to receiving it as a gift each year.

  7. Patricia Taktikos

    The best olive oil hands down ! I found you when I lived in the DC area decades ago. The family that owns this company is so wonderful. This oil may cost more than you usually spend but it is worth every penny. It is one of my life’s pleasures. Every time I use it I smile and relish its’ taste. There is no bitterness like some olive oils have. It is organic and unfiltered and simply divine on everything, even eggs! It is no wonder why they have won awards for this fabulous olive oil!

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