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When you say “Olio Beato”, you say 100% USDA Organic. The seal on every bottle confirms and guarantees “Olio Beato” is produced without pesticides, from olives harvested in the countryside of the famous Valley of Bari, Italy. Apulia is the region with the national production supremacy of olive oil in Italy. The olives Corantina, and Oliarola Barese, which are combined in different proportions to create our olive oil. “Olio Beato” is Confirmed and sealed by “ICEA” Istituto per la Certificazione Etica e’ Ambientale (The Italian Institute for the Ethical and Enviromental Certification of Organic Products which is in Accordance with the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Program).

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The art of importing the most exquisite Organic Unfiltered Apulian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a family tradition, and has remained in the hands of the DeMarco family for at least a generation. This family legacy is the hallmark of quality of the “Olio Beato” brand. “Beato” (Blessed) is he who confirms it and “Beato” is he who chooses it.

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Customer Reviews


This is far and away the very best Olive Oil I’ve ever tasted. It’s great for cooking and simply superior on salad. I first became aware of it when I visited a farmer’s market where there was a reason to believe that products would be of higher quality and more beneficial for health….. I’m a customer for life. This product is the truly the best by all measures. Every time the opportunity presents, I gladly sing the praises of this olive oil.
John Jones
“The first time I tried this product was at the 2010 Saratoga Wine & Food Festival. I thought it was an excellent product from the very first taste (I bought a gallon of it at the Festival). It has a wonderful full body flavor which can’t be found in any olive oil I would buy in a grocery store. Since then, I’ve made additional purchases so my family and friends could enjoy your olive oil. I would highly recommend your Organic Olive Oil!!”
Carolyn Mancini